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AISSA automated live chatting-bots offer Personal Shopping Assistance for online consumers, and affordable Customer Support for online vendors.
AISSA expert systems are built using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) models to offer superb customer experience.

Integrate AISSA chatbots across social and messaging platforms!

AISSA Alyx is available on FB Messenger and Telegram and soon also Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
AISSA Felix to serve customers 24/7 through website, social network and messaging platform.

Meet Our AISSA chat bots
for personal assistance & customer support
Personal Shopping Assistant
  • Get complete product information
  • Compare prices from multiple shops
  • Understand your needs
  • Find the most suitable product
  • Save time and money
FREE for all
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Complete Customer Service
  • Engage with customers
  • Increase conversion rates and revenues
  • Reduce cost of support centre
  • Increase support efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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AISSA Alyx - Virtual Shopping Assistant

Alyx Chatbot (https://alyx.aissalabs.com/) is a virtual assistant that chat with customers and help them select the most suitable electronic products according to their specific needs. Alyx chatbot brings customers wishes affront and identifies products that match their needs, search online review, compare prices from different shops and guide them to the final purchase.

AISSA Felix- Automated Customer Service

Felix Chatbot (https://felix.aissalabs.com/) is the automated customer service solution for the online retailers to serve customers 24/7 cost-effectively. Felix Chatbot is not only an automated customer assistant that helps you solve customers’ problems instantly, but he is also a product expert that help customers select the right products for their needs, especially for electronic products whose technical specifications can be daunting for your customers.

AISSA features
Customer Assistance

CA module is tailored specifically for online retailers and shop owners. It provides automation services for repetitive support tasks, and assistance with navigation and product search. The module follows company's and/or brand's policies of customer support and assistance, is able to learn from existing CRM and support existing teams.

Product Consultation

PC module is able to provide advises to consumers related to product reviews, comparisons and technical specifications. The PC module is built using a series of advanced novel NLP models using. The users receive rounded product information based on a their queries and expressed interests.

Need Recognition

NR module is able to analyse your needs during a conversation and surveying specific to a product category of interest. The NR module refers to historically recognised needs, and quantifies the degree of relevance of a particular product to a user using weights estimated from replies.

Product Discovery

PD module is able to find optimally-fit products taking into account user's needs. It applies novel approaches to estimation of filters to narrow down the selection list. Ultimately, the module list best-fit products, and enables price comparison from multiple shops.

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Technologies we use to
Build AISSA Bots

AISSA bots are built using proven Open Source technologies based on Python language. Web applications are build using Pyramid framework, a light and highly customisable Python framework.


AISSA bots use machine learning to train natural language processing (NLP) and generation (NLG) models. AISSA is based on Python NLTK library, while also employing api.ai and other frameworks and APIs.


AISSA bots are compatible and integrable into any existing social network, instant messaging (IM), as well as live chatting services. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, are only some of them.


AISSA bots use SSL encryption with HTTPS protocol, are equipped with state of the art security measures to guarantee flawless experience and maximum desired privacy during browsing or purchase.

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